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Discuss the common, uncommon, and anything gun related at the American Gun Trading Discussion Forum.

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  • AGT Prayer / In Memoriam
    It is a fact of life that our families and friends will hit hard times. Please feel free to post here to request Prayers and Good Thoughts for Special People fighting for their Health, their Financial Security, and their very Lives. Also post here for anyone who has passed but leaves a permanent influence on your life.
    RSS Feed 3 discussions 133 comments Most recent: thoughts and prayers by belvedere on March 19
  • General
    General discussions
    RSS Feed 21 discussions 10.8K comments Most recent: Project Firearms & Custom Work by MoHardcase on 4:07AM
    If you have thin skin, please don't post here! On the other hand, this is NOT X-rated, or even R! If you want to talk about your house falling down, your pet being eaten by aliens, or a great story/ joke, here's the place for it. If your thread has no input after 30 days, it will be dumped without notice by the Moderator of the Category.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 1.3K comments Most recent: THINGS TO SHARE by tomon on March 16
    Our Music Category! Post your videos here!
    RSS Feed 0 discussions 0 comments
  • Deals and Steals
    Use this to post any Great deals you come upon no matter where they originate! No comments, just the facts, Ma'am!
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