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Colt Python

Colt Nickel Python 6 inch barrel

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Custom Colt SAA or Ruger NMV Slim Jim Style Holster

Here I have a custom made fully lined Slim Jim style holster that fits Colt SAA and clones or Ruger New Vaquero 3.5" bbl. It is molded to fit this specific firearm...

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Custom FA Meanea Style Stock Saddle

Here I have a custom made FA Meanea style stock saddle. The measurements and specs are as follows: Saddle comes with latigo, girth billet, matching Martingale style brea...

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Lee Lock-Ring Eliminators

You put these on a set of dies, and they hold them always at the same setting without have to do trial and error to get them set.  I am selling 2 sets of two for one pri...

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