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winchester model 50 skeet stock 12GA

here we have a 1961 skeet stock off of a featherweight skeet 12ga. it sports the last style buttplate with the vertical winchester logo and a grip cap. it also has the fa...

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30 5c lathe collects, used, older good ones

i have 30 5-c type collets in various sizes. these came off my fathers lathe. my father was a gen-contractor and used these for misc jobs. there is a good spread of sizes...

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browning double auto twelvette 30 in. full vr trap bbl only

12ga. 92% OA. factory installed white center bead. marked st louis-montreal p.q.. like most d.a. bbls, this may need to be fitted to your gun. not always. sold as is. tha...

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Mossberg 500 A

Mossberg 500 A pump slug gun

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