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1959 winchester model 50 pigeon grade 12GA, 28 in. full round post vr 12 GA

this gun has been shot but well kept. owner used it with a thick jacket in winter, thus the short lop of 13 3/4" over a red retro winchester pad. it has beautiful aa...

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Remington model 11 sportsman skeet set 12 and 16ga

a sportsman skeet is rare enough. but a 12 and 16 together? hens teeth. these 1940'ish guns are factory correct. they both have factory ribs, are marked skeet, have ...

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Remington 1940 Model 11 20ga Sportsman Skeet, Cutts VR

im selling my 1940ish 100% refinished 20ga skeet gun with factory vent rib and cutts compensator. its the sportsman model with 3 shot capacity and beavertail forearm. its...

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Winchester Model 50 4 bbl set, custom engraving

this is my G5007S 12ga skeet gun with extra plain bbls. the gun comes with a 26" vr cutts, 26" ws1, 28" mod, 30" full plain. barrels are engraved on t...

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